Staff of St.Christina Girls' Secondary School

1. Kaniki .H. Hilda MA. Administration in higher Ed. & Student Affairs. Bsc.Education. Diploma in Education. Biology and Geography Head of the School
2. Onesmus Kamau BED Mathematics,Commerce,Book keeping,Accountancy Deputy head of School and Teacher
3. Fredrick Mlay BA Education Economics Teacher
4. Elias Mwakalindile B.ED,Diploma in Education Physics,Mathematics,Geography Teacher and H.O.D Mathematics Department
5. Aloyce Temba BSC.Maths,Diploma in Education Physics,Mathematics Class Teacher
6. Dotto Shirima BA.ED Accountancy and Economics Teacher
7. Eliewaha Msangi B.Ed,Dip.Ed Kiswahili,History Class Teacher and Discipline department
8. William Sungura BA.ED Geography,GS Teacher and H.O.D Geography Department
9. Theresia Vitalis BA.ED French Language and Literature in English Domitory Teacher and Class Teacher.

10. Mwanaidi Hemedi BA (Ed) Geography,History Class Teacher
11. George.P.Maungu MBA-Corporate Management Adv. Diploma in IT. Diploma in Education Computer Studies,Physics,Chemistry IT Expert
12. John.R.Mtendechi Diploma in Computer Science Computer Studies IT Expert
13. George.O.goda BA.Education,Dip.Ed Kiswahili and History Teacher and Food Master
14. Rev.Cecilia Kwikima BA.Ed,Dip.Ed Eng.Language and B.Knowledge Teacher and School Counselor.
15. Abdul Nyenga B.Com,Dip.Ed Commerce, Book-Keeping Teacher and H.O.D Bookeeping Department
16. John Murema BA.Ed Eng.Language and Kiswahili O'Level Teacher and Academic Master
17. Boaz Lazaro BSc.Chem Engineering Physics and Chemistry Teacher and Lab Technician
18. Simon Ng'arukwa BSc.Ed Geography and Biology Teacher
19. Hussein Mohamed BA.Ed Eng.Language Teacher and H.O.D English Department
20. Boniface Florence BAGE History and Geography Teacher
21. Andrew Richard Bsc.Math Adv. Maths Teacher and Class Teacher
22. Dorice.W. Sanga BSc.Ed Chemistry,Biology Teacher and Assistant Malezi Department
23. Demitria.T.Gibure Bsc.Ed Kiswahili and Civics Teacher and Discipline mistress
24. MHappiness Lukindo BA with Education History Teacher and Class Teacher
25. Mwakibage.W. Mwakibage Bsc.Ed Chemistry and Biology Teacher and Class Teache
26. Gurisha Msangi Bsc.Ed Chemistry and Biology Teacher and Assistant Academic(O-Level)